Robusta Health

About Us


We are William & Cindie, the husband and wife team behind Robusta Health purpose roasted detox enema coffee.

We’re coffee roasters with a strong interest in health. We set about researching the perfect detox enema coffee – determining the best coffee to use, the best way to roast the coffee (see our article about using green coffee to detox), the best way to process the coffee (see the article about our Cool Grind Technology). Evidently, we succeeded in making a product that really works.

Who uses Robusta Health detox coffee . . .

The fact that the coffee is so effective is is borne out, not because we say so, but because so many health care practitioners and individual users say so. They tell us over and over what great results they’re experiencing from using Robusta Health detox coffee.

We are delighted to have Robusta Health coffee used by world renowned health care facilities like Europe’s Gerson Europe Centre in Hungary (one of only two certified Gerson Therapy facilities in the world), the Budwig Center in Spain, and the Swiss Pain & Detox Clinic in Switzerland.

After trying all types of coffee to aid the detoxing process these well known and respected clinics decided Robusta Health detox enema coffee gave their clients the best results. This is why they, and so many other professionals, are exclusive users of Robusta Health (see our testimonial page).

Robusta Health is a real labor of love. The testimonials we receive are both heartening and humbling. They help us greet each new day with a strong sense of purpose.

That’s our story but honestly, we’re much more interested in YOUR story. Most likely you are here because you have health care concerns. Please search our site for information that may help you and if you have questions please get in touch. We’re not health care practitioners but if we can, we will happily point you to information resources you may find beneficial.

We wish you good health!

William & Cindie