Happy Customers

This stuff really works!

F. L.

I’ve been using Robusta Health’s organic detox coffee for eight months now as part of a full health reboot, and my body is transformed.  No more bloating or flabby tummy, brain fog, eczema, acne.  My energy has improved and anxiety lessened too.  I would recommend Robusta Health coffee to anyone looking for a product they can trust. Customer service is fantastic.

J. B.

I’m an ARCH [Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists] member and everyone talks about your coffee all the time.  I gave it to a customer and she loved it!

R. A.

Health Care Provider, at an organic therapy clinic

We love your coffee!  What a big difference with the coffees I used so far. It’s so nice, gentle, soft, extremely beneficial.  I would like to send you a big THANK YOU!  Thank you for making this great coffee.  You have a new market in the Netherlands :))

N. V.

Health Care Provider, and owner of clinics in Netherlands and Spain

My pain in my hip bone due to leiomyosarcoma is very much reduced after taking coffee enema, maybe internally also it is doing a good job.  At present I am 90% pain free and feeling more energetic.  Thank you so much!

M. V.

I am using your coffee for colonic irrigation and it’s wonderful.  The best I have ever used.

M. K.

We got the coffee and have been using it for detoxing.  Great results, much better than using store bought coffee.  I gave a kilo to my health care practitioner and not only did she think it was the highest quality enema coffee she’s ever gotten here in Ireland, her patients that used it had very good results too.  We will definitely be ordering more.

B. J.

Found the coffee fantastic.  Have info on my website about it and I will recommend you.  Best wishes!

A. C.

Holistic Health Care Practitioner

I have been doing coffee enemas for a while.  This is the first specialist enema coffee I’ve used (have used Waitrose organic Coffee Direct, in the past).  What a difference this one makes.  Can hold enemas longer.  Smells deliciously of roasted nuts.  Obviously a quality and specialist product.

M. M.

Robusta Health makes great coffee which I buy and use to make coffee enemas.  The coffee looks and smells wonderful and it works excellentlyI always feel refreshed and healthy after I use Robusta Health coffee.  Excellent product and I highly recommend it.


Clients loving your coffee.

K. C.

Holistic Health Care Provider

I was diagnosed with Candida and started the coffee enemas around 2 months ago.  There is really a noticeable difference between your coffee and even high quality organic.  It really gives me a smooth rush of energy for 4-5 hours and my back pain is even more gone now.  Thanks!

A. C.

Your organic coffee enema is of very good quality and in my circumstances having chronic Lyme, parasites, and co-infections this is very important.  I keep using it and with great results.  So thank you very much for your excellent product.  Many thanks.

A. D.

So grateful to your top quality enema coffee to help me heal.

M. K.

This is extremely good quality coffee.  I got great healing reaction with the first use, will be back for more when this bag is used up. Well Done!


I used the product and loved it because the results were amazing.  I recommend it to whoever.  My friend asked me to for her and she loves it.

N. Y.

I have just received the package with the 6 packets of coffee.  After having taken it I’m already much better.  Your coffee helps me withstand the side effects of a very heavy treatment.  I have already tried other coffees than yours and I never found the same efficiency.  Some could even worsen my condition, so I take nothing else than your coffee.  It is amazing and it relieves me considerably.  With all my friendship.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A. M.

Mum feels the benefit of the Robusta Health enema, she says it helps to relieve her gut pain.  She is now using a tablespoon and a teaspoon in a pint of water.  She can now do it herself, she has tried hard and we are delighted for your coffee.

C. M.

The Robusta Health detox coffee enemas are a fantastic help to H’’s protocol and seem to help with her night sweats.  Unfortunately, a few months back H’s calcium levels rose to a dangerous level due to the bone cancer and we had to resort to chemo alongside the Budwig plan to try to control it as we could not find any other way to control the high calcium.  Up to this point the cancer in her bones had not progressed and all the cancer in her liver had gone.  This is with thanks to the Budwig plan and other natural remedies we were doing which the oncology unit could not understand as H had not taken any chemo or conventional treatment and they said her cancer would be aggressive and quick growing when first diagnosed.  Unfortunately, the chemo made her cancer worse.  The cancer returned worse than before in liver and bones and had a detrimental effect on her health.  We did not want to go down this route but felt we had no choice and found out it had made her worse after 3 rounds of chemo so we stopped the chemo and have gone back to Budwig and natural remedies with some undamaging medicines from oncology to try to keep her calcium in check and try to regain control of her cancer.  She is a fighter and your coffee enemas have played and continue to play a big part in our battle.

J. R.

I really feel the difference. After the procedure it keeps me energized the whole day.  My skin has become toned and feels excellent.

A. N.

Ottimo venditore, serissimo e gentilissimo. impeccabile l’accurata spedizione (good seller, very serious and kind, faultlessly accurate shipping)

B. S.

Tried it and it is great, will order again.

H. C.

Really good results, thanks!

N. W.

Using in conjunction with the Gerson therapy

I highly recommend buying with Robusta Health.  They are just so, so professional and understanding.  Customer service is really more than you could possibly ask for.  I’m very pleased with my enema coffee and with Robusta Health for being so professional.  Thank you!

S. J.

I’ve purchased it twice and shall buy again!!  Great product!  Fast delivery.  Thank you very much.

M. C.

Excellent quality product.  Does the job perfectly.

A. J. C.

Guess what – I am very happy!  I got your coffee and I can tell you now that I will need more in the future.

E. S.

What I noticed while I was doing the coffee enemas was that the bags under my eyes disappeared and my hair quit falling out.  Then I stopped the enemas the bags came back and my hair started coming out again.  So please I want to order more of your coffee.

M. L.

I am genuinely very impressed with the service you have provided and the coffee is just amazing.  Here is my experience: I was very dubious about trying a coffee enema and the first few times I used organic instant coffee bought from a supermarket.  Then I stumbled on Robusta Health’s website after researching and reading that purpose roasted, certified organic enema coffee should be used.  I have not looked back since as the results have been amazing.  It is a whole new level using this coffee.  The energy I feel after using this coffee and the clarity of mind it gives is a God send.  I ran out recently and will make sure going forward that this doesn’t happen again as I really missed the enemas.  I did try the instant coffee whilst waiting for the delivery but it just wasn’t the same.  The customer service has been great and very helpful.  I have recommended this therapy to all of my friends as they do not know what they are missing!

L. N.

As people who educated themselves on the Gerson method and coffee enemas generally, we couldn’t find a better product: freshly roasted, divine scent and certified organic. It works for us, time and time again.

H. M.

Awesome.  My wife loves it.  This is the third time I buy this stuff and am not planning to stop.  Highly recommended!

D. J.