Organic Coffee Beans

A lot of enema coffee suppliers don’t feel the need to supply the best coffee they can. We can’t understand that kind of thinking. One reason is that we use the product and want the best for ourselves and we certainly want the best for you as well.

That’s why we use only CERTIFIED ORGANIC robusta coffee in our detox coffee. Certified organic means the coffee is in its natural state and has not been sprayed with any herbicides or pesticides that could get into your body. You don’t want that and neither do we! Nothing has been added, it is 100% natural.

Another reason for certified organic is because coffee growers don’t spend all the time and money necessary to become certified just so they can grow low quality coffee. No, they grow high quality coffee so they can recoup their investment. Yes, the fact that the coffee is certified organic gives you a built in guarantee of quality.

This is important because quality coffee has more caffeine and palmitic acid content, the key detoxifying components in enema coffee..

How we roast our coffee

Now let’s talk about how your enema coffee is roasted because that’s super important too . . .

We use a cast iron drum roaster. This is old technology. Other coffee roasters have slowly moved away from cast iron roasters to steel drum and “fluid bed” or hot air roasters. Regardless of what they tell you, their main reason for using the “new technology”, is money (isn’t it always!).

A cast iron roaster has a much higher operating cost than other types of roasters. It also costs more to build. And it costs more to ship since it weighs twice as much (or more) as a comparable steel drum or hot air roaster

Now why would we want to saddle ourselves with higher operating costs? The simple answer is, you get a better product. The cast iron roasting drum, once it is heated-up, bathes the coffee beans in a soft, even, gentle heat. It is also very controllable which means we can have l-o-n-g-e-r roasts which further develop and enhance the caffeine and palmitic acid content of the enema coffee.

If you’ve got any old cast iron pans (I’ve got my grandmother’s and it must be close to 100 years old now) you know what a joy they are to cook with. Once they are fully seasoned they are smoother and slicker than a teflon pan and no harmful chemicals! Also you know from cooking with steel, you can get hot spots. Bake a cake in a steel or aluminum pan and some parts may be done, some overdone, and some underdone. Do the same in a cast iron pan and you’ve got a beautiful, evenly cooked dessert.

Hot air roasters present many of the same problems. Basically the machine blows air over a heating element to make the air hot yet the air isn’t evenly heated nor does it cool evenly as it hits the atmosphere. Not so with cast iron.

I could bore with lots more information about this but I think you’ve got the picture and clearly understand why and how we go the extra step to bring you the best product possible.

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