Earlier we posted an article about why you’d want to think twice before using green coffee in your detox enema (click here). One well known doctor who uses detox coffee enemas for his cancer patients thanked us for the information and gave us important new information. He said that green coffee extract “blocks the methylation pathway of liver detoxification which is the primary pathway”.

This, he said, is the reason he doesn’t recommend detoxing with green coffee enemas. With the new information we provided to him, he said he had another reason to play it safe and stay away from using green coffee for detoxing.

What he said about the methylation pathway peaked our interest because we had no idea what methylation is or how important it is to life. It turns out it is critically important.


The Methylation Process – essential to your life

If you’re like us, you too may not be aware of this amazing process. It is an essential element in every second of your life. The process of methylation effects every cell in your body that contains DNA. According to the latest research that’s about 30 trillion cells. It is a process that occurs a billion or so times a second inside the marvel that is you.

Dr Doni Wilson explains how the methylation process has such an impact on your well being, She says, “It is quite amazing when you think about it that the processes involved [in methylation] can have such a significant influence throughout your body. When methylation is working, you’re more likely to feel full of energy, in a good mood; you will feel generally well. When it is not working, you will feel tired, depressed, irritable, run-down, susceptible to infections, foggy-brained, and just plain toxic.” (Understanding the Methylation Cycle and its Effect on Health – read full article here)


Green coffee and the methylation process

Looking into the methylation process further we found several good references. More than one health website says to avoid green coffee bean extract because of its high level of catechols.

Suzy Cohen, America’s Pharmacist, weighs in with an article about methylation. “Green coffee bean extract is incredibly high in catechols and those use up your methylation pathway nutrients fast!” (read Methylation Problems Lead to 100s of Diseases here). In other words, if you don’t have the nutrients that support methylation, you’re in trouble.

When talking about the subject of methylation defects the website Just a Few Health Notes says that taking supplements or substances that are high in catechols, such as green coffee bean extract are contraindicated for methylation support. (read the article here).

Several articles said that there just isn’t enough science behind the use of green coffee and green coffee extract for detoxing to say for sure whether it is safe or not. This isn’t to say that the extract doesn’t help with weight loss or the lowering of blood pressure. Evidently it does. The question though is at what cost to your body’s other systems such as methylation?

Food for thought if you’re considering which coffee to use for a detox enema program. Do your research, new information is being published all the time. And certainly delve into the methylation process in your body. Learn about it. It’s absolutely fascinating and has a huge effect on your health.

We found Dr Bill Walsh’s video on nutrient therapies for brain disorders especially enlightening (see it here). Nothing in the video mentions detoxing but the solid, exhaustively researched information provided, while directed at brain health, shows just how important the methylation process is to our total health.

Once you understand just how important the methylation process, and keeping it in the right balance is, you’ll understand why you must care about which type of coffee you choose for dexoting.