The modern origins of coffee enemas

The coffee enema has a very interesting story. In modern times the benefits were first discovered in a German World War I field hospital. All the hospital’s supplies were gone and the nurses despaired for the men they cared for. In desperation they tried coffee enemas. Why? The answer to that question has been lost to history. But the coffee enemas worked wonders for pain relief. And even though today the focus of a coffee enema is on helping the body to detox, pain relief continues to be a hugely positive side effect of coffee enemas.

After the war ended several doctors started researching why the coffee enema had such a beneficial effect. Soon after, Dr Max Gerson picked up on that research and began applying it in his medical practice. Over time the results he demonstrated became a key component of the world renowned Gerson Therapy natural cancer treatment. (One note here – many people think the Gerson Therapy is strictly a cancer treatment. In actual fact it goes well beyond cancer and helps with many other ailments.)


Mainstream medicine turns its back on the many benefits of coffee enemas

Speeding ahead in time coffee enemas are listed as a treatment in the doctor’s bible – The Merck Manual. This was up until 1984 when it was dropped from the manual. Personally I don’t think it was dropped because coffee enemas all the sudden stopped working. Just see our testimonial page to verify that (click here). So there must have been another reason Merck removed the therapy from the manual. My dad always counselled me to ‘follow the money’ and that advice has been sage. Applying his principle here I’ve drawn my own conclusions why this was done. I’ll let you draw yours.

Merck turned its back on using coffee enemas to detox. Yet this method of detoxification continues to grow in popularity. Why? Because people are seeing real benefits in many areas of their life. Again, our testimonial page bears this out. And add to this the fact that the positive literature about the benefits of coffee enemas is ever expanding.


Answer all these coffee enema detox questions when you watch the video

  • But what is the science that makes a coffee enema work?
  • And why a coffee enema instead of just drinking the coffee?
  • What are all the chemical reactions that go on inside your body when you use coffee dialysis? Yes, coffee dialysis is a much more accurate term to describe a coffee enema detox because this is about much, much, much more than cleaning out your colon.
  • Why is a coffee enema, with the best detox coffee you can get, a must when you embark on a detox or a therapy where your body needs detoxing support?
  • And what can happen if you follow a therapy where your body needs detox support, but you don’t provide the support needed?

I could keep writing pages and pages to answer these questions. But better than that I encourage you to watch the video below. It is presented by Dr Patrick Vickers of the Northern Baja Gerson Health Centre. He has long practical experience using coffee enemas as a support in treating a myriad of patients. He’s being interviewed on the Chris Beat Cancer website.

Enjoy watching. I know you’ll learn a lot – I sure did – and get all your questions answered about the science of using coffee dialysis for detoxification support.