Do Coffee Enemas Cure Cancer?

This is a question we’ve been asked over and over. It is something on people’s minds but we’ve never seen an answer. We even asked the ‘Google Machine’ the question and still no answer. So it’s time for the answer.

So, do coffee enemas cure cancer?

In a word – NO, coffee enemas do not cure cancer.

That said, coffee enemas can go a long way toward helping your body, and the treatment(s) you’re using in your cancer fight, win the battle.


‘Alternative’ and ‘Mainstream’ Approaches to Curing Cancer

If you are using something like the Gerson Therapy in your cancer fight you’re working to bring your body into balance. Your goal is to ‘wake up’ your body so it can do its job. A body in balance continually rids itself of harmful organisms.

If you are using something like chemotherapy then you’re using chemicals to actively kill the cancer in your body. The idea here being that once the cancer has been killed the body can begin healing itself and come back into balance.

There are many other cancer treatments, and variants thereof that we could mention, but these two – the natural Gerson Therapy and chemically based ‘white coat’ therapies – are representative of what most people are doing to cure cancer. There is the ‘alternative’ or ‘natural’ approach to healing. And there is the ‘mainstream’ or ‘white coat’ approach. In either case, whatever treatment regimen you pursue, coffee enemas can be a big help.

Why do we say this? It is because coffee enemas are a fantastic support to your body. As your body starts winning the battle and killing off cancer cells, or the chemicals you are using start killing off cancer cells, all that dead trash starts building up in your body. The longer that toxic trash stays in your body the worse things can get. All those dead cancer cells have to go somewhere.


You Need Help From the Garbage Men

Your body needs help dealing with this increase in trash. It needs to work harder and you need more workers. We like to think of those extra workers as garbage men. These helpers can come in and haul away the junk.

When everything is working correctly in your body it is constantly cleaning itself. You liver, your gall bladder, your blood, your bowel system, your eccrine/apocrine system (sweating), and more, either move toxins out of your body or help to process them so that they begin their journey out of your body. Your body fills the trash bins and brings them to the curb for pick-up and then acts as the bin-man that dumps the trash into the garbage truck.

Now that you’re winning the cancer battle you’re generating a lot more trash than your body has been used to cleaning out. And because you’ve been ill these cleaning systems haven’t been working properly and need help in achieving an efficient level of operation.

Proper nutrition and rest go a long way to helping your body eliminate this waste. Coffee enemas provide an extra boost to your body because of the way they stimulate your liver and gall bladder to work more efficiently.

One thing coffee enemas do is increase your liver’s detoxification capacity. Important chemicals in the coffee dramatically increase the production of Glutathione-S Transferase (GST), a key detoxification enzyme (read more about GST). This enzyme attracts junk in your body, kind of like a magnetic garbage man, binding itself to that junk, and hauling it away.

During a coffee enema the blood flow through your liver increases dramatically. You liver cleans your blood. That junk exits out your waste pipe and more toxins are eliminated.

The coffee enema also helps to dilate your gall bladder’s bile ducts, increasing bile flow. This is important because if your body isn’t working efficiently it can’t keep up its regular production of bile. When this happens it reuses the bile and the bile becomes less and less efficient with reuse. All the while your body has to store more trash. By helping your gall bladder produce fresh bile the stagnant, toxic bile is moved out.

Back to our original question, Do coffee enemas cure cancer?. We said the answer was No. That’s a fact. People that don’t use coffee enemas are regularly cured of cancer (or at least the cancer goes into remission). But considering all the help a coffee enema gives to your body, a body that is working so hard to get well, don’t you think you should investigate the helping hand of coffee enemas?

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