A friend of mine has done very well on what he calls the ‘150 diet’. This has improved his health dramatically and knocked off a bunch of weight. The key to his success is that he doesn’t eat anything that wasn’t a food 150 years ago. This means no highly-processed foods – like instant coffee. The more highly processed a food the more toxic it is.

Applying his logic to instant coffee — a highly-processed food if ever there was one — brings us to the logical conclusion that maybe it isn’t the best thing we can put in our body; orally or rectally.

You won’t find it on the 150 diet.


Six Reasons not to use instant coffee

But if simple logic isn’t always enough so here are six more reasons not to use instant coffee for detoxing:

  1. The process of making instant coffee results in it having about 100% more acrylamide in your coffee. Acrylamide, heavily used by industry, is a water soluble thickener. Some industry that uses it is wastewater treatment, paper making, and ore processing. (click here for more information)
  2. Neurotoxicity exposure has been associated with acrylamide.
  3. In animal studies acrylamide has been shown to carcinogenic.
  4. A Dutch study published in the Jan 8, 2008 International Journal of Cancer stated that “. . . a positive association was seen between acrylamide-hemoglobin levels and estrogen receptor positive breast cancer . . .”
  5. Instant coffee has about half the caffeine content of standard drinking coffee. And yet caffeine is one of the key ingredients in helping your liver eliminate toxins.
  6. To enhance the taste of instant coffee flavor and aroma enhancers are often used. You’ve got enough chemicals swimming around in your body, why add more?
The not so simple process of making highly processed instant coffee


Think! and common sense wins

If you take the time to do a thorough search of the literature of all the pros and cons on this subject you could be a bit bewildered. You may not know what to think.

Well, that’s why I told you about my friend on the 150 diet and the simple logic behind it. It makes a lot of sense. My friend achieved life-changing results by avoiding highly processed foods

Instant coffee is a highly-processed food. So why use it? Why use it especially when you’re trying to get healthy!?! Why put it in your body since you’ve got a better alternative?

(Another coffee enema ‘best practice’ is using the best water. Read about it here.)