If you spend hours doing research on using a coffee enema cure to help your body detox, as we’ve done, you come across a lot of claims as to the different things that this therapy helps with. Since most claims come from personal experiences they are highly believable. Whereas the coffee enema detox naysayers just seem to down the whole idea of the therapy from afar because few seem to have ever indulged in it. Kind of like saying you hate broccoli without ever having eaten broccoli.

We don’t really understand the viewpoint of the naysayers who’ve never put their toe in the water because of the universal truth, that we’re very fond of quoting – Nothing works for everyone, but everything works for somebody.

Maybe a coffee enema detoxing program will help to cure what ails YOU.. Or maybe it won’t do anything at all for YOU. We’re all individuals. We’re all different. So YOU will have to decide how to rate your results.

A couple good things to keep in mind even if you decide that you didn’t see much if any benefit. One is that you didn’t spend a ton of money to find out if a using a coffee enema to help detox your body worked or didn’t work for you. Better yet, if you have good, hopefully even great results, you didn’t spend a ton of money and — this is number two — you saved yourself from getting on the slippery slope of endless prescription medicines (otherwise known as hard drugs which is why they are called controlled substances) to help alleviate your problem.
Partial list of possibilities

So here’s a partial list of things that a detox coffee enema regimen has been claimed to help alleviate or eliminate. Going forward we’ll do our best to write a post about each individual subject.

  • Detox
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder
    • Blood
    • Stimulates bile flow
  • Cancer
    • Cures cancer?
    • Pain relief
  • Mensturation
    • Eases cramps
    • Lighter periods
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Boosts Glutathione – “the mother of all antioxidants”


There are other claims we could put on the list but I think we’ve got a good start. So look for more posts coming in the future.

Finally – as we try and emphasize on every page of this website – always consult your health care practitioner before embarking on any treatment regimen, including helping your body to detox using coffee enemas.

For additional reading this article about the science behind coffee enemas is a good place to start. This shortcut will take you right there.